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Transportation in Czech Republic

Servis for searching different transport connections in Czech Republic: http://jizdnirady.idnes.cz

Check this presentation for more travelling tips and how to look up connections.

In Prague (from the Airport to the centre)

Public transportation in Prague – tickets, fares, actual information http://www.dpp.cz/en/

To Main Railway Station (Hlavní nádraží)

Var. 1 Airport Express - direct bus from airport to main train station, more about service here

Var. 2. Bus number 119 to metro station Dejvická (metro line A), use metro to station Muzeum – transfer to line C, get off at Hlavní nádraží station

Trains goes every hour in hh:33 min (eg. 13:33, 14:33, 15:33…) Usually from platform number 7

Journey to Budejovice by train takes aprox. 2h 40 minutes – it is also the last stop of the train usually

The trains goes through stations:

Praha hl.n. Prague Main train station
Praha-Vršovice it is about 5 min from Main train station
Benešov u Prahy about 40 minutes from Prague
Tábor this station is about 1 h from Budejovice
Veselí n.Lužnicí this station is about 30 min from Budejovice
České Budějovice  Final stop :)

To Na Knížecí Bus Station (Student Agency Bus Service click to buy ticket)

Var. 1. Bus number 100 to station „Zličín“ (metro line B), use metro and get off station „Anděl“, go to „Na Knížecí“ bus station

Var. 2.  Bus number 179 to „Nové Butovice“ (metro line  B), use metro and get off station „Anděl“, go to „Na Knížecí“ bus station

Var. 3. Bus number 119 to metro station Dejvická (metro line A), use metro to station „Můstek“ – transfer to line B, get off at „Anděl“ station, go to „Na Knížecí“ bus station

From this station is regular Student Agency bus servis and also buses from ČSAD.

To Roztyly Bus Station (Other bus companies services)

Bus number 119 to metro station Dejvická (metro line A), use metro to station „Muzeum“, transfer to metro line C, go to station Roztyly.

Map of possible ways how to get from Airport into the center of Prague and to connecting buses or trains to České Budějovice:


To České Budějovice (Flixbus – click to buy ticket)

The German bus company Flixbus offers bus routes in Germany, Czech Republic and neighbouring countries and provides ecologically friendly and cheap bus lines also to České Budějovice.
You can buy a ticket from Flixbus travel agency here.

In České Budějovice:

–         The bus station and the railway station in České Budějovice are located nearly in the same place near by Mercury shopping centre. There is a stop of the trolley-bus

No. 3, which brings you to the station Jihočeská univerzita. This trolley-bus goes every five or ten minutes during day. You will buy 20 minute-ticket (13 CZK) from yellow ticket machines. (It is enough for a journey from the bus or railway station to the station Jihočeská univerzita.)

Other tickets

  • 60-minute ticket – 16 CZK
  • 24-hour ticket – 50 CZK
  • 30-minute ticket from the driver – 25 CZK

You can also buy SMS tickets (Czech SIM card is necessary):

  • 30-minute ticket – 25 CZK
  • 24-hour ticket – 70 CZK

How to buy SMS-ticket?

  • Write BUD (for 30-minute ticket) or BUD24 (for 24-hour ticket)
  • Send it to 90206
  • You receive your SMS-ticket in 2 minutes

For public transport you can also buy more days-tickets. For student it costs:

  • 7-day ticket- 57 CZK
  • 15-day ticket- 107 CZK
  • 30- day ticket- 190 CZK
  • 90-day ticket- 510 CZK
  • If you travel without a ticket and an inspector will catch you, you will pay a 1000 CZK fine!
  • A taxi to Jihočeská univerzita costs 150 – 200 CZK from the railway or bus station. You can also reach the campus in 30 minutes by foot, walking through the city centre.

Scheme of public transportation of Ceske Budejovice here.

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