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For Erasmus and other international students there are two main possibilities of accommodation to choose between: 1) staying in University dorms or 2) to find private accommodation

The Student Residences of the University of South Bohemia

There are four similar ten-storey buildings situated inside of the university campus called K1-K4. Moreover we have Residence Hall K5, which is more far away from the campus (about 15 minutes walk) and Hall K6 (mostly reserved for our PhD. students).

If you apply for dormitory you can´t choose in which residence you want to stay, the place will be assigned to you according to actual room availability. If you want to be in a room with your friend it is not a problem, write this request in your application.

In case you can´t find application form for dormitory: Housing application form for International students ; download it, fill it out and send it to International department office

Before arrival to dormitory please study carefully these rules of accommodation!

Please arrive exactly on your selected date of start (do not arrive ahead or later), if sudden change of your travel arrangement appears, please contact us immediately. Students studying in winter semester should check in before beginning of the semester, the latest date of arrival is 2 days after the official start of winter semester. For summer term it is not so crowded at dormitories, so the arrivals can be little more flexible.

In case you will be arriving later or earlier then your previously chosen date of arrival you need to let us know so we can hold your room for you. If you do not confirm your interest, your place will go to someone else. In case of really late arrival after start of the semester you will be asked to send a deposit payment for your accommodation so we can hold your place. In case you do not send deposit ahead, you will lose the place.

After arriving you will be asked to sign a contract about accommodation (currently it is in English, German and Russian language, we are working on translations to other languages as well). Please read it carefully so you know what you have signed.

In the very close neighbourhood of the Student Residences is the University Canteen.



·        In Residence Halls K1, K2 and K3 there are double bedrooms with a refrigerator, sink, hot and cold water, desks, beds and cupboards. Sanitary facilities (WC, showers, washing machine) are located on the corridor.  



·        Residence Hall K4 has a cell system – always two double bedrooms are connected to a cell with its own sanitary facility (WC, shower). 


·        Residence Hall K5 – two and three bedrooms with its own sanitary facility (WC, shower). The kitchenette is found on each floor in each residence hall.



 All rooms have its own refrigerator, there is a kitchen in each storey of the Hall. TV room and laundry room is in each building. All of the buildings are equipped with an elevator.

HOW TO USE WASHING MACHINE at dormitory – read here and here

There is internet access in all student rooms.

To get an internet connection in your room you need to fill out a special form on site and you should have done all necessary payments. It takes max. 7 days to connect you. Usually it is done quickly, but it can take a while especially in September and October when all the students are arriving in.


  Price list:


The payment is done one month in advance, always at the 20th of the month. On your arrival be prepared to pay for actual month you arrived in plus the prize for the next month (e.g. you arrive 15.9., you will pay remaining days to the end of September, plus the whole October all at once, the next payment for November should be done before 20.10. ).

Contact persons dormitory:

Dormitory Name of contact person tel.: e-mail
K1 K2 Mr. Jiří PRAŽÁK 00420 38903 4101 prazak@jcu.cz
K3 K4 Mrs. Eva NEUBAUEROVÁ 00420 38903 4401 evan@jcu.cz
K5 K6 Mrs. Šárka TŮMOVÁ 00420 38903 4501 tumova@jcu.cz


If you want to reside at the Residence Hall during your stay/visit in the Czech Republic, please send us your application to this mail: isc.usb@gmail.com

How to get to dormitory (click on map):

planek koleji

Private accommodation

It is not very simple for Erasmus/International student to find a suitable room or flat from his home country, but as fast as he or she comes to the city, it is less complicated. Another option is contacting your mentor or International Club in order to help you. However, there are 3 main possibilities:

To become a roommate in one of already established student flats. Adverts can be found on the notice boards around the university or inside the Residence Hall buildings.

To hire a real estate agent. The fee for arranging an accommodation is the standard amount of a month rent for selected flat. With estate agent can be the process of looking for the flat shortened.

To look for rents in adverts. There are many adverts on the internet sites, although the most of them is in czech. Your mentor can help you with that or you can train your czech language skills. 

Also you can use Google translator for quick translations. Simply insert webpage address and it will be translated to any language you select. 

Please notice that we can help you a little with searching private accomodation but we are NOT a real estate agency! So please do not waste time of your mentor for looking and checking up rooms for you. You are responsible for finding your own accomodation.

If you are looking for flat in Czech Republic you find some important information here in this brochure

How does typical flat in Budweis looks like?

Usually flats are used by several students, for example flat with 3 rooms is usually inhabited with 6 students, flat with 2 bedrooms with 4 students… Separated rooms are usually rare, but can be found. The cost for separated room is higher than for interconnecting (through) room. Also rooms for single person are not so often. Rent per month per student in a flat vary usually between 2000 to 4000 CZK, depending on location, occupancy and size of the flat, The more people are in the flat the cheaper price you will get.  Besides renting a flat/room in blocks of flat you can also rent a flat/room in family houses all around České Budějovice. Usually family lives downstairs and they rent the 1st floor to students. Sometimes they rent whole house to students. These flats/rooms are usually very nice, mostly with garden to use, and generally far from University (but exceptions can be found).

Best locality for flat according to distance from faculty:

University rectorate, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Economy and Faculty of Agriculture, Biology center of Academy of Science are all situated in University campus on Branišovská street. The closest private accomodation can be found in housing areas ŠUMAVA, MÁJ, ČTYŘI DVORY (distance to campus in average within 10 min).

Faculty of Fisheries is situated on Husova street. Search for flats in area MÁJ, ŠUMAVA, ČTYŘI DVORY, VLTAVA (south part), distance within 10 min), also your stay can be in Vodnany town (aprox. 30 km from České Budějovice) or Nové Hrady town where faculty has research institutes, so check where are you going exactly.

Faculty of Health and Social studies has several buildings in Budějovice, walking distance from each other. Closest housing area VLTAVA (south part), ČTYŘI DVORY; from campus, ŠUMAVA and MÁJ around 10-20 minutes. Dormitory K5 is next to the faculty.

Faculty of Education has buildings around main city center. Teaching is divided between 3 buildings depending on subject: 1 bulding is on Jeronýmova street, 1 building in Dukelská street and 1 in Na Mlýnské stoce. All buildings are walking distance from each other (4 Bus stops from University campus)

Faculty of Theology is also in main city center, there is also a canteen in same building. (4 Bus stops from University campus)

There is small orientation map:

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