Trip to Vodňany 2014

Together with Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters and their new center MEVPIS we prepared very interesting and interactive day in Vodnany 11th April.
Firstly we visited place where they study and breed different kind of crayfish, you could even hold them and they demonstrated how to distinguish male and female crayfish. They also add many interesting details and facts about them and we were able to see different invasive species and learn about these ecological problems.

We also could try how to catch a fish using net. Martina won this improvised „competion“ by catching 2 carps and 3 sturgeons with only 1 throw :)

Then we visited museum of fishery, history and pond making at local high school. It is the only high school in Czech republic where students can learn all about fishery and connecting subjects.

After very good lunch we continued to genetic center where we learn about breeding and other stuf as well, and we could meet with different types of sturgeons and learn about Friendly Sturgeon Caviar – a method establish here to collect caviar from fish without killing it.

In the afternoon we also got tour on MEVPIS center and visited all mill with museum where we literaly had excursion into the past of Czech countryside :) We than finish with small tour of Vodnany and relaxing. The whole day was really busy, we got not only biological infromation, but also technical part about how everything work was really interesting and also culture and history as well.

It was really great day!!! And also big thanks go to Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters for making it possible, especially to Ivana Němcová!

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