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Trip to Vienna

During the 7th and 8th of November we organised a trip to the capital of Austria – Vienna, which was sponsored by ISC club and ERASMUS+. Our students with their mentors went to Austria to see one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, which is known especially thanks to the best composer of the world – Mozart. All of the students brought a souvenir from Vienna named after this composer – Mozartkugel that is a ball – shaped sweet. Everyone who comes to the capital of Vienna has to try it!

After the arrival we saw a castle located in the capital whose name is Schönbrun. This castle is very important in the world history. Such historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte were dancing in the dancing halls of the castle. There is also one really important hall, where 6 – year – old Mozart had his first performance for the queen of Austria. Some students visited this castle. The others wanted to see gardens around the castle. There is also a zoological garden, which is the oldest zoo in Europe.

After visiting the castle we checked in the hostel, which lies only a few kilometres from the centre of Vienna. After dinner the student club prepared a walking tour through the capital. We saw the most important monuments like Vienna State opera house, which is a true monument to music. It was built on the on the site of Carinthian Bastion or St. Peters church, which built inside the Roman walls in 1137 and later replaced by this green domed masterpiece in 1733. This walking tour was really exhausting. All of the students then had a free time, so someone wanted to see the capital in the lights of darkness, somebody wanted to relax in the hostel.

Next day we had really a nice weather. The sun was shining, and the students were drinking coffee in the square watching the world of Vienna around them. For the others, who wanted to see more attractions of the capital, the students club prepared another program. Thanks to it students visited aquarium which has altogether eleven floors where we saw different types of animals like sharks, turtles and hammerheads. There was a café on the roof of this building, where students could see all Vienna and took beautiful photos.

Around 4pm we set out for České Budějovice. On the way we were talking about our experiences in Vienna.

Andrea Podroužková

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