The České Budějovice USB OrientAction Express 2012 – 26th September



we would like to invite you to

The České Budějovice

USB OrientAction Express 2012

What will you do?

Firstly you will be divided to groups
(each group will gain one mentor)

Then the Express (your group) takes you around whole town and
you will perform several tasks.

Naturally it is done by funny way :-D

Results will be announced on the Welcome Party.


1)Registration starts at 9:20. 
2) Start is at 10:00 in front of Academic Library. 

Please be ON TIME (no later than 9:45).

This day you will have day off
So it means you don't have to attend your Wednesday's courses.
you MUST actively participate the programme

Please fill in this Registration Form
Click Registration Form

Thank you ;-)

We are looking forward to you :-)


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