Technical excursion – Temelin

We started our excursion by the cooling towers. These 160m high objects are visible in the very distant neighbourhood. We looked little bit inside, but there was lot of steam. Then we went to Unit 1. At first we looked from the outside. There were main power lines with large transformers.

Thereafter we went into the Unit 1 and have followed the secondary circuit. It’s a water/steam cycle between the turbine and steam generators. That is without radioactive substances. We went from the storage tank, huge feed-water tank which is situated at 40 meters on the top of turbine hall.

Then we went down to the turbine. It’s a large steel monster whose ends of blades are rotating at supersonic speed. We went along to the rear of the turbine where is the generator. Electric generator which can supply electricity to 10% of Czech Republic i.e. 1000000 people and even part of the industry.

Next, we went to condensers under the turbine. Steam from the turbine meets with the water from cooling towers at this point. It’s a big heat exchanger consisting of titanium tubes. There are also large pumps that pumping condensed water back into the secondary circuit. We have also seen electrical part of the power plant e.g. substations, cable channels, battery rooms and high voltage lines.

Finally, we visited the safety diesel generator. Twelve-cylinder engine with power of 6 MW.

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