Rožmberk and Třeboň trip – report

On Sunday the 13th of October could students see traditional czech craft „the fishering out“. There was prepared fish speciality from carp and other freshwater fish. There was a possibility to do sightseeing, visit the Třeboň Castle or see the Schwarzemberg tomb after the fishing out. Třeboň is very beautiful historical town. It was established around the middle of the 12th century. In 1366 the House of Rožmberk become owner of the estate. The weather was good and everyone enjoyed the show.

The Rožmberk Pond is the largest fishpond in the Czech Republic. It is 489 ha in area. The name of the pond comes from the owners of the Trebon domain, the Rozmberk family.The famous Czech pond builder Jakub Krcin built this unique waterwork in the 16th century.

Report written by: Michaela Matějková

Video by Gergely Dobay from Rožmberk „fishing out“:

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