MUNLAwS 2014

Model United Nations (MUN) conferences have become a serious part of the process of bringing the world’s most crucial decision-making organizations closer to young people and thus supporting the role of youth in today’s persistently changing world. During such conferences each participant acts as a delegate of one country in bodies of different international organizations. The conferences are aimed at discussing topical themes from the areas of diplomacy, international law, international relations and international economy, while improving negotiation and rhetoric.

The MUNLawS Club of the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana successfully organized the first conference in October 2013. The conference was attended by 72 university delegates from Slovenia and abroad. The keynote speaker at the opening ceremony was prof. dr. Danilo Türk, former President of the Republic of Slovenia.

The second conference is to take place between 26th and 29th September 2014 and the delegates will be discussing topics in five different committees: the NATO Committee, the International Court of Justice, the Security Council Committee, the Human Rights Council Committee and the World Bank Committee.

Researching the topics and preparing for the debate helps all the participants obtain a deep knowledge of the discussed issues, as well as a better understanding of procedures within international organizations. It is in the best interest of the modern society that its youth is well educated, well informed and well connected. This sort of conferences give young people a chance to connect, build friendships and liaisons in an environment where they learn to solve problems and overcome barriers together as significant members of the international community.

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