International week – report

The week 14.-18.10. 2013 was first ever International week held by University of South Bohemia.

International Student Club also took part of it and participated and organized several events.

On Monday 14.10. we organized workshop called ERASMUS IN and OUT, students get all necessary information about program Erasmus, how to apply, how the program works and they also got some tips when and where to go. Another part was about international students coming to University and what is their experience here and how we help them.

On Tuesday 15.10. we prepared a game called WORLD PUZZLE. Students could test their knowledge from geography, culture and history of different countries. There were 5 stages acording to continents: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and America… On each stage there was a quiz connected with that continent.

On Wednesday 16.10. there was INTERNATIONAL FAIR in canteen. International Student Club, partner universities and organizations presented the possibilities of study and involvement for students.

In the evening we had small GASTRO FEST in Café Klub Slávie where also was a concert. Our international students prepared several meals for tasting: Tzatziky from Greece, Pirohy from Poland, Tortilla de patatas from Spain, typical bread from France, baked apples with curd from Ukraine, potato pancakes, sweet pancakes and sweet pies from Czech Republic.

On Thursday 17.10. we had final workshop for students about enhancing your memory skills, because especially in foreign country there are so many things you need to focus on and be able to function. Se we did a special workshop called BRAIN ABROAD.

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