Erasmus Welcome Party :-) – 26th September

Dear Erasmus students,
we would like to invite you to Erasmus Welcome Party :-)

26th September at 20:00 (Please be on time)

Bobík (in front of K4 dormitory)

We would like to welcome you in České Budějovice :-D

Invitation card!!!
These invitation cards will be distributed:
1) in The České Budějovice OrientAction Express 2012
2) or by your mentors
3) or before this event (ID card is necessary!!!)

Food, drinks:
For free …Hurray :-)
Alcoholic drinks are not included, but you can bring it on your own :-)

What will the programme be?:
1) USB management Speech – ISC USB University Coordinator
2) Welcome Packages
3) The České Budějovice OrientAction Express 2012 Results Announcement
4) Introduction of the Czech Republic
5) Attending some clubs

Are you looking forward to it?
We are too :-)
Marťa Provázková
Káťa Spustová

erasmus party

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