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Mentors / Buddy system

Dear Erasmus and international students,
We are a team of students from University of South Bohemia who would like to help you to adapt in our town and country.  Currently our team consists of more than 85 mentors (buddies) from different faculties that speaks various languages. All of us are able to speak English, we have many students that are able to speak German, Spanish and French. Some of our mentors are also able to speak Russian, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Slovak and we can find also some basics of Arabic and Hungarian language.

Our main goal is to assist international students during their stay at the University of South Bohemia. Mentor is here for you, if you have any questions, if you need help with anything you can always count on him/her. We can help you with arrival to České Budějovice, accomodation, orientation around campus and in town, needed paperwork, translations… Usually mentor will even pick you up at train or bus station in České Budějovice (sometimes even at airport in Prague) and will show you the way to your faculty and accomodation. So do not worry, we will take care of you that you don´t get lost.

Mentors are assigned to all incoming Erasmus students automatically. If there is enough mentors also freemovers and other incoming students from different exchange programs can recieve a mentor request.
Also we do for international students and our mentors many events and trips, and we have lots of fun :).
If you have any suggestion for event, trip, tournament you would like to be organized during your stay feel free to contact us.

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