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Trip to Bratislava & Budapest

Our club organized a really special four – day trip for our foreign students to Bratislava and Budapest. It was a good opportunity to travel and visit these capitals for a unique price offered by the club because our trips are sponsored by the University of South Bohemia and Erasmus +. I was very glad to have this nice opportunity to travel with other foreign students, to be together and to get to know new places. The club prepared for the students some programme and they also had a free time, so they could decide what they wanted to do. All of our students were satisfied and I guess some of them will come back to these places on their own.
Our first stop was in the capital of Slovakia. Bratislava has its own magic. I liked the old town which was filled with old buildings, churches and nice narrow streets. The first monument we saw, was Bratislava Castle. It was a very beautiful place. This monument is very interesting for the architecture and it is located next to the Slovakian parliament. The place offered to us such a nice atmosphere because of a beautiful view on Bratislava. We also visited other monuments such as: the Presidential Palace and the oldest house in Bratislava. After the walking tour we had free time .We spent one night in Bratislava, so we could enjoy the capital during night.
Next day we continued traveling to one of the most charming places in Europe – Budapest! In general, this trip was my first visit to Hungary. I heard a lot of things about the capital of Hungary and I definitely wanted to know this place personally to get my own experience. I have to say that I didn‘t expect this city to be so beautiful. It was wonderful. In Budapest there are a lot of monuments such as: Budapest Castle, Budapest Parliament Building, The Jewish Shoe Memorial, Saint Stephens Basilica… There are so many beautiful historical monuments you can discover during your stay.
We stayed in a hostel, which was very cosy, we were greeted by lovely staff. The receptionist was very kind and always prepared to help us. They gave us a lot of advice and tips.
Budapest is also known for its thermal baths. On the first day we visited Széchenyi spa. Being in this beautiful place was one of my best moments in my life. These buildings, swimming -pools – inside and outdoor. The atmosphere was like from a fairy tale. This spa is one of the largest bathing complexes in Europe. We spent there the rest of our day. After our visit to this wonderful spa, we headed back to our hostel.
Over the next days, we had free programme. Everybody could decide what they wanted to do. In Budapest there are a lot of places, which are known for their fame. That‘s true, but I would like to point out that Budapest is very beautiful in general. It has its own special places that are not so well – known, but they have its magic. It’s up to everyone individually what places they choose to visit. The advantage is that there are a lot of opportunities to take a guide-bus for free, which will take you all around Budapest. You will see the main attractions around.
The whole stay in Budapest made me feel wanting for more. I will definitely go back.

Karolína Trappová

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Trip to Vienna

During the 7th and 8th of November we organised a trip to the capital of Austria – Vienna, which was sponsored by ISC club and ERASMUS+. Our students with their mentors went to Austria to see one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, which is known especially thanks to the best composer of the world – Mozart. All of the students brought a souvenir from Vienna named after this composer – Mozartkugel that is a ball – shaped sweet. Everyone who comes to the capital of Vienna has to try it!

After the arrival we saw a castle located in the capital whose name is Schönbrun. This castle is very important in the world history. Such historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte were dancing in the dancing halls of the castle. There is also one really important hall, where 6 – year – old Mozart had his first performance for the queen of Austria. Some students visited this castle. The others wanted to see gardens around the castle. There is also a zoological garden, which is the oldest zoo in Europe.

After visiting the castle we checked in the hostel, which lies only a few kilometres from the centre of Vienna. After dinner the student club prepared a walking tour through the capital. We saw the most important monuments like Vienna State opera house, which is a true monument to music. It was built on the on the site of Carinthian Bastion or St. Peters church, which built inside the Roman walls in 1137 and later replaced by this green domed masterpiece in 1733. This walking tour was really exhausting. All of the students then had a free time, so someone wanted to see the capital in the lights of darkness, somebody wanted to relax in the hostel.

Next day we had really a nice weather. The sun was shining, and the students were drinking coffee in the square watching the world of Vienna around them. For the others, who wanted to see more attractions of the capital, the students club prepared another program. Thanks to it students visited aquarium which has altogether eleven floors where we saw different types of animals like sharks, turtles and hammerheads. There was a café on the roof of this building, where students could see all Vienna and took beautiful photos.

Around 4pm we set out for České Budějovice. On the way we were talking about our experiences in Vienna.

Andrea Podroužková

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Trip to Krakow

Krakow was another spectacular trip we organized for our students. Moreover, it was the most demanded trip since the beginning of our club’s activity. So, I decided to participate, because it was a nice opportunity to travel with other foreign students and explore new places with them.
The trip started on Friday midnight. We spent the night in the bus. In the morning, we went to the concentration camp in Auschwitz. It was our first stop. In the beginning we were divided into three groups according to different languages. They offered us to have a guide who speaks in English, Czech and Spanish. Every group had its own guide.
I think it is very important to remind ourselves of the history. This place is full of negative energy, but I think seeing this place is good to remember what happened 70 years ago. When I was walking there, I was feeling huge sadness. I don’t believe that these horrible things could ever happen. Reading about this place is significantly different from being there in person and feeling the atmosphere. Being there was a very deep experience for me.
After our visit to Auschwitz we continued our journey to Krakow, which is the most beautiful city in Central Europe. It is a historical and old but modern city, as well. The history of the city is connected with the Czech history. We owned the city in the 9th century. The city symbol is the Wawel Dragon and the city origins are based on the legend with this Dragon.
We were there during Christmas time, so the old town was beautifully decorated. We visited the Christmas markets and enjoyed the festive time in the historical centre of Krakow, which is also full of beautiful monuments. As always, the club prepared a nice walking tour for the students. We explored the most important monuments of Krakow. We were walking and spending nice time together.
Next day, we had two options to have free time or to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Some of us enjoy a sunny day in Krakow and the others visited the salt mine. This salt mine is a place, which is very well known and popular among the tourists. About 1.2 million people visit it annually. This salt mine is very huge. This mine’s attractions include dozens of statues and four chapels carved out of rock salt by the miners. The older sculptures have been supplemented with new carvings made by contemporary artists. Our guide was very kind and funny, ready to respond to our every question about the mine and its history.
After the visit we finished our journey and we came back to České Buějovice. The trip was very successful and the students were really happy to have joined us .

Karolína Trappová

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Trip to Passau

Trip to Passau was the last trip of this semester. It was a one-day trip related to Christmas markets. Our club offered the foreign students an unbelievable price for this trip and the chance to get to know a part of Germany during Christmas time. The way wasn’t so long. We arrived around 11 am in Passau, where our guide was waiting for us to show us the city. After the sightseeing tour with him students had free time. They had more options to explore the city on their own or go shopping. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t so good. It was raining. Nevertheless, many students enjoyed a view of Passau castle. As we were there during Christmas time we saw many Christmas markets. Everybody tried a Christmas punch, which is a typical Christmas beverage mostly with alcohol, which warms all the body in winter. We could try a traditional markets food – sausages. After the meal some of us walked down along the river Danube and enjoyed the atmosphere.
We left Passau at 6pm. Everybody was in a good mood and we clapped our hands for the final trip of the winter semester.

Barbora Kamenská

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Trip Via Ferrata

16. – 18. října 2015

Výlet začíná srazem na místě odjezdu klasicky před budovou EF. I přes to, že se výletu zúčastnili studenti ze Španělska, všichni byli na místě včas.

Cestovali jsme pohodlným minibusem cca 4 hodiny až do Gosau, kde jsme byli ubytování v chatě Bergblick v krásných plně vybavených apartmánech po 4 – 5 osobách. Po příjezdu se polovina studentů, kteří nepochopili, že strava není zajištěna, vydala pěšky do 2 km vzdáleného supermarketu, Ani déšť nás neodradil.

Druhý den jsme odjížděli v 8:30 k jezeru Vorderer Gosausee, kde na nás již čekali instruktoři (http://www.vzhurudohor.cz/). Ti nám dali odpovídající vybavení a provedli nás rychlo-kurzem lezení po ferratách. Pak už nás čekala samotná ferrata (obtížnost A-C), pro většinu studentů to bylo vůbec poprvé, co něco takového zkusili. První úsek byl zkušební, kde se ukázalo, kdo bude schopen pokračovat dál do výšin (někteří museli být zachránění už v polovině prvního úseku J ). Po úspěšném zdolání ferraty u jezera jsme se přesunuli o pár kilometrů dál na další, kde si dobrovolníci za odborné asistence vyzkoušeli zdolat ferratu obtížnosti D-E. Ostatní šli lehčí cestou B-C a na závěr vybrané trasy si všichni vyzkoušeli slaňování. Poté už jen skupinové foto u vodopádu a zpátky na apartmány.

Po večeři a teplé sprše jsme se všichni sešli v suterénu v herně, která byla vybavena stolním fotbálkem, společenskými hrami a ping pongem, a strávili zde poslední společný večer. Někteří si po zaslouženém výkonu dopřáli i saunu.

V neděli jsme v 10:00 opustili ubytování a vydali jsme se domů. Cestou jsme se zastavili v malebném Bad Ischlu, kde jsme navštívili známé letní sídlo císařovny Sissi a její rodiny a proslulou cukrárnu. Káva a dort nesměly na závěr chybět.

Všem se tento adrenalinově zaměřený výlet líbil, a proto jsme se rozhodli, že v letní semestru budeme akci opakovat.

Eliška Popelková

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Vice-Rectors Address to International Students

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

welcome to our Campus! I wish you a pleasant stay at the University of South Bohemia in the heart of the South Bohemian Region. Hopefully you will fulfil your wishes according to the new knowledge, competencies, and skills acquired during your lectures, practical education, internships and apart of this you will participate in the very rich social life in the Campus and in the City.

We have prepared for you not only many regularly organized programmes – such as trips to the surrounded cities here in Central Europe, winter sports activities or parties, but you will be also invited to take part in some unique events connected with the 750th anniversary of our hometown České Budějovice. Please enjoy the semester and share the time between the studies and the leisure – both in our “university family”. I hope that some partnerships, friendships and may be loves will last for your whole further life.

Best wishes and good luck!

Your Dagmar Škodová Parmová

Miniveletrh Studuj a pracuj v zahraničí, Budějovický Majáles

2015, 27 May

Měli jsme tu čest se aktivně zúčastnit Budějovického Majálesu 2015, a to díky miniveletrhu Studuj a pracuj v zahraničí.
Děkujeme za možnost prezentovat Jihočeskou univerzitu, náš klub, naše aktivity a promluvit si se zajímavými lidmi. Děkujeme i našim zahraničním studentům, kteří se postarali o to, abychom se ani chvilku nenudili :)
It was an honor to be able to participate in Budějovický Majáles 2015. It was thanks to the miniveletrh Study and work abroad.
We really appreciate the opportunity to represent the University of South Bohemia, our club, our activities and also thank for the possibility to meet interesting people.
The big thanks is to our foreign students who stayed there with us. It was fun, thanks! :)

Eva Adámková

Gastrofestival 2015

2015, 13 May

Did you enjoy the delicious food that was prepared by our students?
So now, enjoy the photos!

This event was a park of the Univerzitní Zavírák!
Gastrofestival nabízel jídla z různých koutů světa, která připravovali čeští a zahraniční studenti JU. Bylo možné ochutnat japonské sushi, turecký salát kisir, vietnamské masové rolky, korejský cornbread, taiwanský ledový čaj, ruskou letní polévku, francouzský desert Mille-feuille a mnoho dalšího.

Akce byla součástí Univerzitního Zavíráku!

Eva Adámková

Exotic Ttavelogues – China and Taiwan, Iran, India

2015, 13 May

Mysterious Iran, charming India, and fascinating China and Taiwan – during this event you were listening to the presentations of 4 exceptional people, who came from abroad to our Czech Republic to work or study.

This event was a part of the Univerzitní Zavírák (https://www.facebook.com/events/463114710504827/)

Eva Adámková

Pardálův výběh / Pardal’s course

24. 4. 2015

V odpoledních hodinách dne 24. dubna 2015 se pět týmů sestavených ze studentů JU a studentů programu Erasmus rozběhlo po areálu Pardálova výběhu, který je součástí Sportovně relaxačního areálu v Hluboké nad Vltavou. Pro jistotu mi dovolte krátce představit tuto atrakci a připomenout, že Pardál je obchodní značka pivovaru Budvar. Ve výše jmenovaném areálu byla vystavěna překážková dráha skládající se ze sedmi tématických překážek, z nichž každá reprezentuje jednu z výrazných vlastností piva Pardál, . Překonání překážek vyžadovalo především odhodlání, hravost i obratnost. Nic z toho dvaceti účastníkům, připraveným na startu, nechybělo. Zpočátku se všechny týmy bránily tomu, vyběhnout na trať jako první. Ostych pominul zejména ve chvíli, kdy účastníci zjistili, že ti, kteří trať absolvují, mohou se občerstvit sponzorskými budvarskými třetinkami.
Každý ze soutěžících zvolil jinou taktiku od samého počátku. Česká část studentů jela již z Českých Budějovic na kolech či inlinech, zatímco španělská skupina šetřila síly a jako dopravní prostředek zvolila autobus. To se zřejmě vyplatilo, neboť to byl právě španělský tým, který dokončil trať v čase 5 minut a 47 vteřin a umístil se tak jasně na prvním místě. Pro úplnost dodám, že rekordní čas, v němž byla dráha kdy absolvována jsou 4 minut a 7 vteřin.
Ráda bych poděkovala zástupcům Sportovně relaxačního areálu v Hluboké nad Vltavou za to, že poskytl členům Mezinárodního studentského klubu JU sponzorský dar v podobě bezplatného využití areálu Pardálova výběhu. Dík patří samozřejmě také Jihočeské univerzitě, pivovaru Budvar a především členům Mezinárodního studentského klubu, bez jejichž účasti a chuti společně strávit čas, by odpoledne nabité adrenalinem nemohlo být realizováno.


PhDr. Marcela Kassai